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Proactive Resilience: Facing Exceptions with TMS Supply Chain

JJ Singh

As the number of exceptions within the supply chain continues to rise, it is evident that organizations need to consider investing in technology solutions like the TMS supply chain.

These solutions are designed to provide proactive resilience, effectively address supply chain exceptions, and prevent the need for a costly 'wait-and-see' or reactive approach. Tackling exceptions within the supply chain means that businesses must proactively identify, analyze, and resolve issues and situations that could lead to these exceptions.

And that is where the TMS system plays a major role. The software solution allows supply chains to streamline and optimize logistics more efficiently. With TMS, supply chain managers can plan and forecast more accurately, improve decision-making, manage costs more efficiently, and enhance the visibility of the entire operation.

Through the TMS, more organizations and businesses can achieve supply chain resilience. This article explores how more supply chains can build proactive resilience through EKA’s TMS solutions.

In High Stakes Supply Chain, Resilience is Essential

The world is much more connected than at any other point in history. However, that connection comes with more exposure in the supply chain.

Today, the increasing risks of labor strikes across North America, especially at its ports, have many supply chain professionals tense. The crisis on the Red Sea doesn’t help either, forcing more executives and managers to explore longer shipping routes, leading to delays and disruption. In many cases, these crises find their way downstream, impacting trucking operations because of the lack of readiness and resources to manage a tsunami of shipments requiring their services simultaneously.

Without proactive resilience, the businesses involved will be forced to go into supply chain downtimes, impacting the profitability and throughput of the entire operation.

Beyond these exceptions, shippers are now forced to operate in a supply chain plagued by black swan events. Recently, the Baltimore Bridge collapsed, sending supply chains and trucking operations around the Port of Baltimore into a frenzy. There are also cases of aging infrastructure, which inevitably slows down supply chain operations. Shippers also have to contend with increasingly volatile weather conditions as a result of climate change, which some experts estimate will take a $25T toll on global supply chains by 2050.

The problem is obvious. Today’s shippers are forced to contend with the impact of disruptions in an increasingly connected, inter-reliant supply chain.

Leveraging EKA’s TMS to Build Resilience in the Face of Supply Chain Issues

Although supply chain logistics issues abound and the operations are increasingly at the mercy of external factors that supply chain managers have no control over, EKA’s TMS software solution can be leveraged to ensure resilience and combat these challenges.

Here are some of the tailored solutions the application provides for supply chains exploring proactive resilience:

Improved Visibility and Transparency

Information is a highly valued commodity worldwide; any supply chain looking to be predictive will need it in abundance.

Through the EKA TMS solution, these supply chains have access to real-time shipment for all stakeholders, allowing for seamless communication between all stakeholders and facilitating synchronized processes. Improved visibility and transparency mean there are no surprises for the supply chain. This is primarily because the TMS system can see every step of the transportation, making it easy to spot and mitigate potential issues throughout the process. Transparency and visibility also allow for quick analysis and reporting of end-to-end data collected.

This way, the logistics process leverages tailored solutions from the TMS system to continue evolving.

Better Customer Service

Customers are still the focus of supply chain operations, and meeting their demands and expectations takes priority.

Despite the increasingly nuanced demands of the average consumer, with EKA’s TMS solution, it is not a problem. The solution provides solutions such as optimized planning and real-time adjustments that enhance the supply chain’s ability to promise reliable ETAs and deliver the goods to the consumers on time. This can make all the difference for these supply chains and logistics providers, considering that better service levels enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Scalability and Flexibility

The ebb and flow of demand and supply has made it necessary for supply chains to become more scalable and flexible. Through the TMS solution, these supply chains can easily expand and contract their operations, especially during recovery or peak periods.

EKA’s Innovative Solutions in Supply Chain Logistics Management

EKA's TMS is built to be a tailored solution for your logistics operation. The application empowers different stakeholders in the logistics process, including carriers, freight brokers, and shippers, with a robust system built for scalability and increased throughput. Expose your supply chain and logistics operations to smarter management, sharper insights, and stronger growth potential. Contact EKA today.

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