EKA Omni-TMS™:

The People-First TMS for Fast-Growing Businesses and Enterprises

Experience simplicity and control with the most efficient TMS in transportation. Tap into easy-to-use workflows and plug-and-play integrations with the third-party services you rely on as you grow. Change the game and improve the work experience.

A Model of Efficiency:

An Affordable, Enterprise-Ready, End-to-End TMS Designed for the Shipper, Broker, and Carrier

When everything operates instantaneously from the same TMS and ecosystem, shippers, brokers, and carriers get frictionless transportation management.

Get High-Performance Operations from a Fully Synced Tech Stack

The EKA Omni-TMS® is engineered using cloud, AI and other technology tools for security, business intelligence, interoperability, scalability, and performance plus easy-to-use functionality.

  • Robust, Scalable, and Secure Tech Stack

    The EKA Omni-TMS® is engineered using cloud, AI and other technology tools for security, business intelligence, interoperability, scalability, and performance plus easy-to-use functionality

  • AI-Driven Dynamic-Data Business Intelligence

    Make informed decisions with better performance visibility and powerful analytics.

  • Load or Order-Based Flexibility

    Simple and complex routing are supported with fast and flexible workflows to keep operations efficient and happy.

  • Synced Loads and Execution with Other EKA Users

    Eliminate touches with synced load sharing with other brokers, carriers and shippers that use EKA TMS and portals.

  • Embedded Accounting

    With our powerful, embedded accounting system, you can ensure seamless and automated financial processing and integration.

  • Agile, Adaptable Development

    We design and develop in-house with modern open-source programming tools and frequent releases under rigorous quality and testing standards.

Reclaim Your Time, From the Strategy Level to the User Level

Expert implementation assistance, custom development, advice and support from experts in transportation, logistics, and supply chain takes your profitability to the next level.


Get expert assistance for your implementation plans and migrating to the EKA Omni-TMS™ Platform.


Use custom development services to add platform functionality or tailor it to your specific needs.

Expert Advice

Get experts on your side for transportation, logistics, and supply chain strategies to enhance profitability.

Next-Level Support

Simple or complex, we ensure you have the support and solutions you need, when you need them.

Fully Synchronized SaaS

The Tools and Flexibility for a Growth Trajectory for All Carrier, Broker, and Shipper Operations

Get powerful capabilities and the Next Level of user and customer experience.

Leverage EKA’s marketplace for on-demand, embedded third-party services, giving you more ways to enhance your efficiency, productivity, and proactive operations actions.

Hear from Our Customers

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs! Here are just a few of our favorite customer testimonials.

    “Everyone at EKA has been willing to go above and beyond, not only on the TMS side of things, but on the consulting/coaching sides; EKA team members have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share to help customers grow.”

    Alex Schick
    Co-Founder and CCO

    “EKA is easy to use and more efficient than other tools used in the past. Support is outstanding; onboarding/implementation was outstanding; I recommend EKA as a 10 out of 10.”

    Brent Bayouth
    Managing Partner

    “EKA’s ability to integrate seamlessly with industry leading providers gives us the advantage we are looking for in this market. It helps drive down costs and improve efficiency in our fleet, ultimately giving us an edge.”

    Ryan Farrell

    “The system is very thorough and well thought out which saves us time. We appreciate having a partner who is willing and able to listen, and put tools into play quickly.”

    Nick Liening