Brokers, shippers and carriers need best-in-class digital tools to excel. EKA's Transportation Management System(TMS) Cloud offers visibility across the transportation chain, with real-time tracking, seamless connectivity, and intuitive workflow design. Our platform provides business intelligence tools and smart automation options to increase your margins and add value for your customers.

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Digital transformation for the new supply chain world

Trading partners, third parties and service providers capture untapped potential through a collaborative digital marketplace.

Flow Diagram
  • With EKA, your workflow is...
  • UnifiedUnified digital platform for all trading partners including 3rd party service providers
  • VerifiedBlockchain fundamentals design application
  • TransparentFlexible, transparent, simple, auditable and easy to use
  • On-DemandOn-demand customer order and response
  • TrackedReal-time visibility across the transportation chain
  • AutomaticIntelligent workflow automation across order life-cycle
  • ConnectedSeamless, robust and real-time 3rd party and service provider integrations
  • InsightfulIntelligent interactive visual data insights delivered at each decision point
  • DynamicReal-time and automatic update of all sysems and work screens
  • ConfigurableEast implementation configurability to realize ROI faster


Whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, your business deserves the best tools, insights, and controls in the industry. EKA Omni-TMS™ can help you...


100% digital automation of load acquisition, trading partner negotiations and onboarding, driver and truck assignment, carrier sourcing, notifications, payments, and billing; apps for drivers, carrier safety monitoring, and financial monitoring; an intuitive interface for easy training and implementation.


Flexible roles and permissions for teams of all sizes; real-time load management tracking and back-office tools for business visibility; dynamic driver/truck assignment and carrier sourcing optimization.


Smart price negotiation tools; comprehensive reporting and visualization for optimal match of available loads and trucks; highly-competitive system operating costs. Business Intelligence including management and operational excellence with EKA Live™, RouteSolv™, PriceSolv™, VisibilitySolv™ and RiskSolv™ solutions.*

*DBCS™ - Driver and carrier risk monitoring and predictive analytics for Carrier Module


Relax and concentrate on growing your business with automatic backups, excellent business and operations support, and a secure, fully-connected cloud-based system with on-demand real-time access for all devices.