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Denim is the preferred freight payment system of growing freight brokers, processing over $1 million in payments daily. Committed to transparency around all freight transactions, Denim offers flexible financing solutions tailored for freight brokers with no hidden fees or strict contract terms. Denim’s platform integrates directly with EKA and uses smart automation to eliminate redundant manual tasks and simplify freight brokers’ back-office operations.

Redkik offers on-demand, per-load cargo insurance. With a single click during shipment booking, shippers and freight brokers can connect with leading global insurance companies for coverage tailored to their needs. Redkik provides a seamless and instant insurance solution with the goal of simplifying logistics and transportation and providing lower risk and higher coverage for any type of shipment.

Lockton’s mission is to reduce business risks through tailored insurance solutions. With a dedicated team of Cargo and Logistics specialists, Lockton provides customized insurance policies designed for reliability and cost-effectiveness. Businesses can secure the best possible coverage, while Lockton’s claims team is on hand to assist in achieving the best possible outcomes.

Our complete integration suite with the industry leader for fleet management, driver safety and compliance enables the highest degree of fleet automation.  In app visibility to HOS, truck and trailer status, performance alerts and driver messaging complement the entire portfolio of dispatch, trailer management, load event, tracking, document capture and driver record workflows to create a seamless operating environment.

BlueGrace Logistics offers customizable LTL transportation management solutions as a full-service Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider that helps manage LTL freight spend through industry leading technology in partnership with a large network of established carriers across the country.  Our complete integration embeds the full power of BlueGrace LTL functionality into our freight management workflow.

Trucker Tools is a leading provider of trip planning, shipment visibility, and automated booking solutions. Using real-time data and advanced algorithms, Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform predicts days in advance when and where capacity will become available. Trucker Tools’ driver app is the industry’s first digital load booking app for automating load searches and booking processes and allows drivers to connect with carriers and freight brokers for real-time shipment tracking.

MyCarrierPackets, powered by Assure Assist, is a carrier packet service allowing shippers, 3PLs, and freight brokers to monitor their core carriers and qualify new carriers with cost-effective access to insurance monitoring. Dispatchers and compliance departments can verify carrier profile information and insurance instantly, allowing companies to decrease internal costs, improve efficiency, and lower their exposure to fraud.

For over 35 years, leading industrial technology company Trimble has brought map data and map-centric technology to commercial transportation. Their dedicated team maintains over 620,860 national network roadway miles with 53’ truck allowances and 66,564 roadway miles with truck length, height, width, and weight restrictions, for a highly accurate street-level digital map of the North American road network that carriers can rely on.

TransFlo®, a Pegasus TransTech company, is a trusted industry leader in mobile, telematics, and business process automation solutions for the transportation sector in North America. Our integration with Transflo Mobile+, Velocity+ and VIP solutions offer everything from synced driver dispatch and load tracking functionality to fully automated load document management.

Our API integration with the powerful Intelek EDI Transportation Suite enables rapid deployment of flat rate integration configured to the specific requirements of over 3000 trading partners to secure scalable freight relationships, while saving you time and money.

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“EKA has rapidly grown to become one of our most valued partners. EKA sets a very high bar for performance and speed. We're looking forward to a big year with EKA.”

B Krishnamoorthy
Founder & CEO

“EKA completed the integration between our systems in record time. The EKA team and JJ have been excellent to work with. We believe the EKA ecosystem will be a significant player to offer services to the supply chain industry.”

Chris Kalinski
Founder & CEO