End-to-End Functionality Right Where You Need It

Redefine traditional workflows with streamlining for every aspect of your operational and financial management.

Advanced, Embedded Applications

Equip your operations with efficiency, embedded right into your TMS.

visibility dashboard


Get enhanced visibility to monitor your operations in real time and keep you continuously informed.

End-to-end real-time monitoring of
load movements
Risky driver
Cargo insurance claims and
 loss ratios
Job status in third-party
services systems
Streamlined decision-making
and exception management
Instant access to
performance metrics
automations and workflows dashboard

Automations & Workflows

Increase efficiency with streamlined and automated workflows and always up-to-date data.

Automated task management across
all workflows
Load build, tender, accept, and
assignment tools
Appointment, tracking, and
event management
Route-assist and
price-assist capabilities
Automation of factoring jobs, event
notifications and accounting
On-demand cargo insurance quote,
bind and certificate issuance
analytics dashboard

Business Intelligence &
Analytics with a Difference

Transform metrics into actionable strategies for everything from operations to accounting.

Dynamic operational and
analytical dashboards
Improvement opportunities informed
by end-to-end visibility
Greater visibility into people,
performance, locations, risks,
and finances
In-depth AI analytics for enhanced
Risk management – driver behavior,
cargo liability, service delivery
Financial analytics to identify
opportunities for efficiencies and/or
increase revenue
risk management dashboard

Risk Management

Rely on real-time data monitoring and AI analytics to reduce operational and financial risk and claims.

Tools for proactive
risk management
Advanced tracking for driver behavior
risk management and compliance
Cargo risk management – load based
insurance coverage and loss ratios
Carrier qualification and service
performance monitoring
AI-driven insights reducing risk for
every shipment
performance monitoring
financial management dashboard

Financial Management

Get the simplicity and efficiency of an accounting system synced in real-time with operations.

Real-time reflection of operational
activity and accounting
Streamlined integration with partner
application workflows including
automated processes
Analytics for cost-saving
opportunities and revenue
driver safety and compliance dashboard

Driver Safety & Compliance

Keep track of driver activity and performance in real time, focusing on safety and minimizing risk.

Continuous performance
AI insights for improving driver
safety and compliance
Real-time updates
and notifications
Comprehensive reports, assessments
of root cause and heatmaps