Streamlined Financial Management

Discover the efficiency of real-time
operations-to-accounting synchronization.

financial management dashboard

What Embedded Financial Management Brings to Your Workflows

Too many TMS users have come to expect a disconnect between operational and financial systems, leading to latencies, errors, and redundancies. EKA solves this with a fully embedded financial system. Get the visibility of your financial side mirroring operations in real time. With complete alignment, you can ensure accuracy, agility, and efficiency for your financial workflows.

Setting the Pace with
Real-Time Data

  • Real-Time Syncing

    Get an always-accurate reflection of your operational activity as it relates to accounting.

  • Easy Partner Integration

    Integrate with third-party applications for cohesive and
    informed workflows.

  • Automated Processes

    Rely on automation to speed up accounting processes and reduce the risk of errors.

  • Financial Insights

    Use analytics to identify opportunities for greater cost-saving
    and profitability.

Accounting Flexibility and Control

  • Personalized Dashboards

    Get clear snapshots of key metrics to drive your accounting team’s
    daily decisions.

  • Operational Accounting

    Handle approvals, documents, carrier settlements, and invoices,
    including scheduling.

  • Custom Reports

    Dive into the details or get an overview for a deeper understanding and
    better planning.

  • Driver Payroll

    For carriers, itemize your trip-by-trip calculated payments for drivers and owner-operators.

  • Dynamic Credit Limits

    Control new activity with active accounts and restore Credit available as cash is applied to outstanding receivables.

  • Customer Aging and Terms Compliance

    From Aging Summaries and Customer Statements to payment cycle and terms compliance reports, data to evaluate customer accounts is right at hand.