Streamlined Financial Management

Discover the efficiency of real-time
operations-to-accounting synchronization.

financial management dashboard

Setting the Pace with
Real-Time Data

  • Real-Time Syncing

    Get an always-accurate reflection of your operational activity as it relates to accounting.

  • Easy Partner Integration

    Integrate with third-party applications for cohesive and
    informed workflows.

  • Automated Processes

    Rely on automation to speed up accounting processes and reduce the risk of errors.

  • Financial Insights

    Use analytics to identify opportunities for greater cost-saving
    and profitability.

Accounting Flexibility and Control

EKA’s high-performance, exception-driven platform is your route to transformed transportation management, from a world-class cybersecurity and data privacy company.

  • Personalized Dashboards

    Get clear snapshots of key metrics to drive your accounting team’s
    daily decisions.

  • Operational Accounting

    Handle approvals, documents, carrier settlements, and invoices,
    including scheduling.

  • Custom Reports

    Dive into the details or get an overview for a deeper understanding and
    better planning.

  • Driver Payroll

    For carriers, itemize your trip-by-trip calculated payments for drivers and owner-operators.

  • Dynamic Credit Limits

    Control new activity with active accounts and restore Credit available as cash is applied to outstanding receivables.

  • Customer Aging and Terms Compliance

    From Aging Summaries and Customer Statements to payment cycle and terms compliance reports, data to evaluate customer accounts is right at hand.