Achieving Agility
Through Visibility

Get real-time, synced data to drive
your every next step.

visibility dashboard

How Visibility Serves Your Operations

Visibility provides real-time data, but it shouldn’t end there. More than simply delivering data, your TMS should help you take a proactive approach to operations, improving the effectiveness of your responses and elevating your customer service. EKA has visibility embedded into its design so that you can do more through the power of streamlined workflows, reduced risk, and enhanced business intelligence.

Expanding Your Reach, Informing Better Decisions

  • Real-Time Load Monitoring

    Save time leveraging load data automatically in every workflow
    where it’s needed.

  • Streamlined Decision-Making

    Increase productivity and reduce operational delays, making better decisions faster.

  • Managing & Reducing Risk

    Monitor risky driver behaviors and track cargo insurance claims and loss ratios.

  • Improving Performance

    Access key performance metrics to refine strategies and
    optimize operations.

Keeping Operations Agile

  • End-to-end Tracking

    From pick-up to delivery, all trading partners get real-time tracking for complete, continuous transparency in your load movements.

  • Flexible & Personalized Dashboards

    Customize your view with dashboards that help you manage day-to-day tasks, plus trends and metrics over any length of time.

  • Updates & Notifications

    Stay informed with real-time updates and notifications, so that you're always aware of the latest changes and can act accordingly.

  • Customer Order Visibility

    Improve customer satisfaction with transparent order tracking, enabling clients to monitor their freight throughout every step.