Why EKA?

The EKA Omni-TMS™ gives shippers, brokers, and carriers a unified, frictionless experience like no other.


Only Possible from a People-First Design

Leverage a TMS engineered for shippers’, brokers’, and carriers’ unique operations, for optimized workflows and enhanced collaboration between third-party services.

  • Experience user-optimized workflows that fit intuitively with your operations

  • Reduce clicks and dependency on multiple platforms and siloed data

  • Eliminate friction for faster and more
    informed decision-making


Powered by a Fully-Synced Tech Stack

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of a robust, scalable, and interoperable platform, where operations are synced to reduce errors and save time.


Simplify financial operations with an embedded accounting system


Enhance collaboration and reduce manual touchpoints by syncing load sharing


Make decisions with increased visibility and
AI-powered analytics


Driven by a Strategic Focus on Development

Get the engineering and support of a team obsessed with continuous improvement, providing the solutions your business needs for streamlined, efficient operations.

  • Discover custom options for your unique needs

  • Gain insights from our expert advisory team

  • Experience fast, problem-solving support

Partner Solutions Embedded for Complete Flexibility and Control

Integrate seamlessly with the partners you rely on, covering load boards to tracking payments, syncing and sharing data in real time.

Trusted by Industry-Leaders

Explore the success stories directly from our clients and see how EKA has transformed their operations. These testimonials showcase the real-world benefits of our integrated transportation services, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

    “Everyone at EKA has been willing to go above and beyond, not only on the TMS side of things, but on the consulting/coaching sides; EKA team members have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share to help customers grow.”

    Alex Schick
    Co-Founder and CCO

    “EKA is easy to use and more efficient than other tools used in the past. Support is outstanding; onboarding/implementation was outstanding; I recommend EKA as a 10 out of 10.”

    Brent Bayouth
    Managing Partner

    “EKA’s ability to integrate seamlessly with industry leading providers gives us the advantage we are looking for in this market. It helps drive down costs and improve efficiency in our fleet, ultimately giving us an edge.”

    Ryan Farrell

    “The system is very thorough and well thought out which saves us time. We appreciate having a partner who is willing and able to listen, and put tools into play quickly.”

    Nick Liening