Proactive Risk Management

Stay one step ahead of risk with real-time
data and analytics.

risk management dashboard

How Risk Management Differentiates Your Business

The ability to identify, address, and mitigate risks has the power to set your business apart. Handling risk with real-time data and advanced analytics means you do more than respond to situations as they arise. You’re proactively preventing them beyond what’s possible with a manual approach. EKA automatically points your data back to risk management, ensuring your shipments are delivered safely, cost-effectively,
and efficiently.

Control Your Risks, Explore Your Opportunities

  • In-Depth Analysis

    Leverage data to understand your risks, whether from carriers, delays, or unforeseen costs.

  • Streamlined Tools

    Stay in control with embedded tools to act on risk-reducing operational decisions for every shipment.

  • Cost-Savings Opportunities

    Reduce your costs to stay better prepared for unexpected events, like market fluctuations or incidents.

  • Claims Management

    Use efficient claims management tools and workflows to reach a resolution faster and avoid similar claims in the future.

Take a Proactive Approach

  • Service Performance Monitoring

    For brokers and shippers, track performances to ensure you work with quality carriers and keep costs down.

  • Carrier Qualification

    Save time in the qualification process, handling carrier profiles with the assistance of automation.

  • Advanced Driver Tracking

    For carriers, easily understand violations and connect to e-logs and videomatics to view incidents.

  • Configurable Reporting Systems

    Create your own points system according to your philosophy on defining and measuring driver safety.