Embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics

Turn data into insightful decisions and set your business transformation into motion.

analytics dashboard

How Business Intelligence Sets Your Operations Apart

Business intelligence and analytics offer the steps to take you from a lack of clarity and direction to establishing a competitive edge. It only makes sense that this is embedded into your TMS. EKA provides the level of insight to transform operations through smarter decisions, predictive capabilities, and continuous improvement. But more than that, with EKA, every workflow is designed so you can make the most of this level of intelligence.

Steering Strategic

  • Understand Operational Impacts

    Leverage greater visibility across all operations, covering performance, locations, safety, risk, financial results, and more.

  • Identify Opportunities

    Monitor areas of improvement and growth, informed by
    end-to-end visibility across your entire operation.

  • Drive Proactive Decisions

    Use real-time data plus predictive analytics to keep your
    decision-making one step ahead of the curve.

  • Increase Revenue & Efficiency

    Increase profits with financial analytics, uncovering opportunities for efficiency gains and revenue growth.

Tools for Transformation

  • Visibility Data Insights

    Understand your operations with precision from every angle.

  • Risk Management Tools

    Identify and address risks to protect your operations and assets.

  • Flexible Dashboards

    Customize your operational and analytical views with dynamic dashboards.

  • In-Depth AI Analytics

    Power operational and financial decisions with advanced AI capabilities.