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EKA Combats Supply Chain Risk with New Technology

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SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EKA Solutions Inc announced today it has formed a wholly owned subsidiary, RMX Software, LLC, to empower freight carrier, broker, and shipper SMBs, as well as insurance brokers, wholesalers, and carriers to tech up in the midst of the global supply chain crisis. As part of EKA's industry leading provider of cloud-based integrated freight management ecosystem for carriers, brokers, and shippers, RMX Software will provide an intelligence-driven platform to enable transformation of risk rating and risk management.

"RMX Software, LLC., is a technology and data company whose clear and present mission is to enable transformation of how risk is managed by supply chain customers and how risk is underwritten by insurance carriers based on customer usage and risk levels," says JJ Singh, Founder and CEO for EKA Solutions, Inc., and RMX Software, LLC. "Benefitting from EKA senior management deep experience in risk management and the insurance business, RMX digital SaaS platform is designed to enable significant reduction in customer loss ratios and cost of insurance and to simultaneously improve insurance carrier competitiveness and profitability," added Singh.

"RMX platform will provide real time connectivity to truck telematics and video data, and seamless integration with driver, truck, and route risk related databases. More importantly, it will optimally blend risk, operational and financial data, and operational workflow processes to deliver new and timely risk data streams, analytics, and tools to various risk coverage and management stakeholders to transparently measure, manage and underwrite risk," said Mark Walker, President and CDO for EKA Solutions, Inc., and RMX Software, LLC. "Also, in the foreseeable future, RMX platform's flexibility will enable development of new coverage products to help mitigate new and emerging supply chain customer risks."

About EKA

EKA Solutions, Inc., provides a transformational cloud-based SaaS digital freight ecosystem management platform, dFEMX™, to manage all the customer's freight businesses and working capital services. As part of the dFEMX™ Offering, EKA provides the Smart, Unified Platform EKA Omni-TMS™ for - Virtually – Everyone. EKA Omni-TMS™ is designed to transform the transportation and logistics industry. It empowers small, medium, and large size broker, carrier, and shipper businesses to operate from quote-to-cash with affordable and best-in-class digital tools, enabling the higher performance demanded in tomorrow's supply chain. With real-time information, EKA Omni-TMS™ enables brokers, carriers, and shippers to provide visibility and transparency as they fluidly trade across an expanding and verified network with key, trusted partners. For more information, visit:

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