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Empowering Your Supply Chain: Navigating Cybersecurity & Market Trends

JJ Singh

Empowering Freight Broker, Carrier and Shipper TMS through insight and innovation

In This Issue:

  • Cybersecurity in Trucking
  • Freight Market Update

Cybersecurity in the Supply Chain

Addressing API Security in the Trucking Industry

As the trucking industry becomes more digitized, the security of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is crucial. APIs facilitate communication between different software systems but also present security vulnerabilities. Ensuring robust API security measures can protect against potential threats and keep operations running smoothly. Read more.

Trucking Security in Jeopardy

EKA's recent article highlights the growing concerns over trucking security. The increased frequency of cyberattacks has put the industry on high alert, emphasizing the need for robust security measures to protect both digital and physical assets. Read more.

Freight Market Update

Cautious Optimism Toward A Trucking Revival in Q2 ’24

The market predictions for the freight industry reveal a nuanced outlook characterized by cautious optimism and signs of recovery. Experts anticipate that 2024 could resemble a “normal year” for the industry, with potentially optimistic trends in the second half. Similarly, the Cass Freight Index suggests improvements in shipments and expenditures from January to February, albeit below previous years. Freight shipments saw a 7.3% increase from January to February, and freight expenditures saw a sequential increase of 4% in February. Read more.

Uber Freight Market Update

Uber Freight's latest update provides a comprehensive look at current market trends. Key highlights include:

  • Spot Load Posts: Increased by 18.7% from April to May.
  • Van Load-to-Truck Ratio: Surged by 24.1%, indicating tightening capacity.
  • Reefer Load-to-Truck Ratio: Jumped by an impressive 31.4%, showing robust demand in refrigerated transport.

These insights reflect significant shifts in freight demand and capacity constraints essential for planning and strategy. Read more.

DAT Freight & Analytics

National Spot Rates:

  • Dry Van: Holding steady as we head into the holiday season. Rates have seen a slight increase from April to May.
  • Flatbed: Rates continue to rise gradually, reflecting steady demand in the market.
  • Reefer: Rates experienced a small dip in June after peaking in May.

Van Rates:

  • March: $2.01
  • April: $1.99
  • May: $2.02
  • June: $2.03 (Projected)

Flatbed Rates:

  • March: $2.51
  • April: $2.52
  • May: $2.53
  • June: $2.54 (Projected)

Reefer Rates:

  • March: $2.36
  • April: $2.33
  • May: $2.42
  • June: $2.41 (Projected)

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