EKA Omni-TMS™ Solution for a Shipper helps the Shipper to effectively and efficiently manage the movement of surplus loads by using 3rd party carriers, provides seamless connectivity between the carrier and 3rd party carriers and complete customer order visibility.

EKA Omni-TMS™ Carrier Platform for 3rd
Party Core Carriers (Coming in 2019)
EKA Omni-TMS™ Solution for Shipper 3rd party carriers significantly assists efficient collaboration between Shipper and Carrier, provides seamless connectivity between the two
Solution for small Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers
Carrier Management
Intelligent and automated core and spot carrier capacity sourcing
Flexible Route configuration capability (RouteSolv™)
Smart load and carrier capacity matching tools
Digital (Bid/Ask) carrier negotiating
Smart price negotiation capability (PriceSolv™)
Automated Carrier Processes
  • Qualification, on-boarding and monitoring
  • Load/Carrier Assignment Confirmation
  • Appointment and Events management
  • Load Movement Visibility (VisibilitySolv™)
  • Payment and settlement
Web Portal
Carrier Administration
Documents management (DocuSolv™)
Business Reporting
Operations and Financial Accounting System
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
3rd Party Integration
Lane Pricing Services
Load Posting Services
Carrier Risk Management Services
Route Mileage Services
Carrier Payment Services
Solution for medium and large size Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers
All professional features +
Capability to handle multiple levels of Management (Management Hierarchy)
More extensive Business Reporting consistent with multiple levels of management
Advanced Price Assist Solutions for Carrier negotiating pricing with 3rd Party Carrier (PriceSolv™)
More extensive friction-free interfaces with Carrier 3rd party services providers
More extensive friction-free Broker integrations with 3rd Party Carriers (including EDI)
Seamless integration with Premium Modules
Premium Modules
Examples of premium modules that can be individually subscribed as add-ons by Enterprise Solutions Customers
Advanced Price Assist Tools (PriceSolv™)
Carrier Ratings Manager
Advanced Carrier Capacity Sourcing Manager
Contract Manager
RFP Manager
Route Guide Manager
Agent Manager
Incentive Manager
Claims Manager
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)